Nigerian Students Aim to Light Up The Nation with Total Team Grant

Gone are the days when you will find only few Nigerian students taking bold steps towards making significant and positive change in their country. It is with great pleasure I will like you to meet these group of vibrant Nigerian students, who have put their intelligence into a plan and aim to Light Up their country, Nigeria with their great ideas in Total Team Grant.

The Total Team Grant is an initiative of the Total petroleum company. The grant is aimed at helping students utilize their intelligence in studies, extra-curricular and humanitarian projects.

Total Team Grant enables student associations and chapters to organise a range of activities, from field trips to participating in international conferences. Over €80 000 in funding is available for the 2017 edition in four different grant categories.

These categories are:

  • PUSH YOUR LIMITS: Funding to participate in a sporting competition, adventure challenge or cultural event.
  • INNOVATE: Support for student organisations with a passion for innovation and sustainable energy who want to bring a new idea to life.
  • OUTREACH: Funding for projects which aim to improve living standards in your community or overseas.
  • DREAM TICKET: Support for geosciences and petroleum engineering student associations to complete study trips, international conference participation or professional development activities.

The students you’re about to meet, are Nigerian students who entered for the “Innovate” category of Total Team Grant and they are a team of energetic young individuals who truly have a passion for innovation and sustainable energy. And oh yes, they definitely aim to bring a new idea to life that will light up Nigeria, and then maybe the rest of Africa!

I would say this team did a great job choosing the perfect name for their team; Team Synergy. I think from what I’ve seen of them so far, and from the way their peers are rallying round them to bring this grant home, the ‘synergy’ name is quite becoming of them.

Meet The Nigerian Students in Team Synergy

Nigerian Students in Team Synergy

Synergy, according to the Oxford Dictionaries is defined as the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.

After reading what a representative of these Nigerian students in Team Synergy has to say, you will agree the team name synergy and their aim is one of interesting purpose indeed!

Here’s what a representative of Team Synergy, James Osaro had to say:

“As students, we have to study but without electricity or power supply to light up our bulbs or even torch lights (flashlights) it becomes really hard. As production companies, it becomes very hard to produce when we are short of power supply. A woman in the labour room undergoing medical operation has a higher tendency of losing her life when the power supply goes off.

Ironically, as students, production companies, hospitals and generally all sectors, much waste is disposed on daily basis. From the plastic on the street that a primary school student sees as the perfect football to shoot or the nylons on the floor of every street across the whole country etc.

platics bottle dirty lagos roadside blocks drainage system Nigeria

Team Synergy is a team consisting of 10 students from the University Of Lagos. We are all 300-level students from the Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering representing NIGERIA and one of the two teams representing  AFRICA in the 2017 TOTAL TEAM GRANT INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION under the INNOVATE CATEGORY.

Team Synergy’s project aims to design a process facility that utilizes human waste, municipal waste and other forms of waste and convert them to useful energy {electricity} thereby solving the local problem of inadequate power supply and help reducing the numerous wastes in the country. This will help in promoting the country in terms of industrialization and also in general hygiene.

We intend to carry out this project by designing a process facility that converts waste to electrical energy. This will be done technically or through various processes that we have formulated through wide range thinking and research.

We therefore call on people to vote for us, as wining this competition will enable us to get funds and technical support to carry out this project and LIGHT UP NIGERIA.

Thank you.”

After hearing from the proverbial horse’s mouth, I’m sure you understand how beneficial the project of Team Synergy will be to us as a people/nation.

Let’s all support this brilliant and constructive cause of these Nigerian Students of the Team Synergy from the University of Lagos with our votes. To place your votes, here are the simple steps to follow:

  1. Click [button color=”orange” size=”” type=”square” target=”blank” link=””]HERE[/button] or on the link below;

  1. The link will take you to Team Total Grants webpage for Team Synergy.
  2. Scroll down to the orange coloured button labeled ‘Submit your vote’ right under the team’s intro. Click on the button.
  3. A small white notice box will pop up asking for your email address. Fill your email address in the space provided.
  4. Total Campus will send you an email. Log into your mail and open Total Campus’ message, then click on the link in the mail you received.
  5. Voilà! Your vote has been confirmed.

Please kindly follow through with this process to the end and contribute your quarter to helping James and his teammates achieve greatness for Nigeria.

As at this moment, 2:01am WAT, GMT +1, Nigerian time, Saturday, January 21, 2017, the Team Synergy is in second (2nd) place with 2,920 votes behind the “Banda Neira Project team” from Indonesia who are leading with 3,052 votes.

With your support, Team Synergy can come tops with over a hundred thousand (100,000) votes! All you have to do is just vote, share this post  with others so they too can vote also. We can achieve this together, come on, let’s bring home the winning cup Africa!

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