sad African girl

They say the eye is the light of the body.
I never knew it understood the plight of blind people until I lost you.
Losing you was losing my eyes. I lost the light of my life.

Every single thing that made me happy was you. I’ve never felt so lost.
I’m so undecided about a lot of things lately.
Things like who to talk to,
who to befriend,
where to go,
what to do,
how to move on.

Losing you was loosing my legs. I’m so alone,
I don’t know my right from my left,
I don’t know what to wear,
how to apply my nail polish
or even tie my shoe lace

I’m like a crippled blind man
so desperately trying to find his way.

Why did you have to leave me.
I never knew anyone would be this important to me.

Losing you was loosing me.


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