I have dreams too.
I only have one dream,
To be pretty.

I want to be beautiful, to walk the run way, be on TV, be loved.
I want to be appreciated for my face,
To stand tall any day or time knowing that I am and will always be pretty.

That kind of pretty,
Yes, the type where I don’t need to wash my face when I wake up,
Or care about my bed hair,
‘Cause even my disarray will be beautiful,
And my flaws, flawsome.

People mock me for my dreams,
They say I have no dreams,
That I’m just a regular little idiot.
Pray tell, is it a crime to want to be pretty?

They call girls like me roses,
These days, nobody wants a rose,
Every body wants a sunflower.
I tried to be a sunflower but it’s not who I am.

I am not defiant and angry,
I am not a pain in the ass,
I do not speak up for my self,
No, I’m not adventurous.

I am bureaucratic.
I play by the rules,
And do whatever I am asked to do.

I am dogmatic.
I just want to sit still and look pretty,
Be beauteous, be a princess,
Do my twists, twirls and turns.

Is it a crime to want to be pretty?
Is being a rose when roses are out of fashion a sin?

Credits: Photograph in Featured image was taken by Jennifer Marquez. Thanks for making it freely available on Unsplash

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