Our land is in peril!
Terror and woe clogging its throat.

Who can save?
None but God on high.

Our hearts are bleeding!
Gashed with grief from soulless beings.

Who can heal?
None but God on high.

Our ears are ringing!
Blasted by loud sounds of destruction and cries of pain.

Who can soothe?
None but God on high.

Our future is fading!
It’s lights gradually snuffed by unfeeling hands.

Who can restore?
None but God on high.

Without a united front, the army fights in vain.
Without a unanimous voice, our cries are in vain

Let’s come together!
Every man and his religion.

Pray For Nigeria!
Pray For Our Father Land!!
Pray For Generations Yet To Come!!!

I originally composed this poem in May 2, 2014 for the Boko Haram insurgence. It is sad beyond words to see it still applies to our situation as a country in October 2020. Do we find it so difficult to progress? Don’t our leaders see they have rubbed us of our futures enough?!

I pray we all survive this stage our country is in and come out victorious by God’s grace 🙏🏽

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