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Hello there, I am Ananya Malladi, an Indian currently living in Germany. I studied life science in my bachelors and I was so in awe of the subject, I traveled halfway across the world to further explore the subject in my masters. After pursuing my masters in Friedrich Schiller University Jena, Germany; I chose to be a medical writer. Soon after graduating, I started my medical writing internship and I am happy to have found a career field that combines my love for the sciences and passion for writing. I usually write about science-y things and anything that makes me go "Hmm..I have no idea how that's come to be"
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Maggots, maggots everywhere!!! Oh and please let’s leave them there! We’ve often (involuntarily) inhaled the putrid stench while taking a long walk on a bright sunny day, where without our knowledge the carcass of a small little animal is being devoured.   Maggots – the cute name we’ve given toContinue Reading

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