Feeds Trail (FeedsTrail) literally depicts these two words, feeds and trail. Many times we want to get information about certain topics but get disappointed when we can’t find the full trail. Only bits and pieces of these information can sometimes be found scattered across the web.

This is one of the reasons why we created FeedsTrail. To make information available to you in full details, as much as possible. We will bring you updates on different topics so you don’t have to visit more than one website to get what you need.

The categories offered for now are news, health, faith series, business, fashion, music, movies, plays, poetry, exclusive interviews, sports, current affairs, job alerts and many more to come.

Another of our core values is originality. To this end we welcome talented writers who have something original to share to send us an email. Kindly set email title as ‘Interested Guest Writer’ and give us your details and a sample of your write up.

In summary, FeedsTrail is an information portal that provides real-time news, health information, interviews, religion, media, fashion etc. So like our byline suggests, follow the Feeds Trail here…

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